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Eve of Annihilation


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In the dark days of the 1950s, a blinding flash shattered the tranquil American landscape, marking an unforgettable moment in history. A nuclear explosion, emblematic of the era’s nuclear arms race, seared through California. The earth trembled, and a fiery mushroom cloud ascended, casting an eerie pall over the land of liberty. The power of the atom was unleashed, a stark reminder of the destructive force humanity had harnessed. Amidst the awe and terror, this explosion encapsulated the anxieties of the Cold War era, where the promise of progress clashed with the specter of annihilation, leaving an indelible mark on the American psyche.

Premium matte poster. Made with museum-grade paper (175gsm fine art paper), the poster is printed with top-tier pigmented archival inks for a stunning end result.

.: Made with museum-grade archival paper (175gsm) for excellent printing fidelity and vibrant color reproduction.
.: This blank canvas is an eco-friendly option that is recyclable and FSC-certified which means the frame is made with radial pine responsibly sourced from renewable forests.
.: Free shipping

12″ x 18″ 20″ x 30″ 24″ x 36″
Width, cm 30.48 50.80 60.96
Length, cm 45.72 76.20 91.44